7 Mages
  Avernum 2 Crystal Souls
  Coldfire Keep
  Dark Quest II
  Exiled Kingdoms
  Eye of the Beholder I & II
  Gateway to the Savage Frontier
  Geneforge 1 (Spiderweb)
  Gods - Lands of infinity
  Legend of Grimrock I & II
  Low Magic Age
  Queen's Wish 1 The Conqueror
  Queen's Wish 2 The Tormentor
  Skeldal (Brány Skeldalu)
  The Deep Paths
  The Quest
  Wizardry 6 (Bradley)
  Wizardry 6 (mod Grimrock 2)
  Wizardry 8 (Bradley)
  Wizards & Warriors (Bradley)

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  Grimoire - Heralds of the...